Black grapes / 5-6 kg

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The grapes are fruits rich in nutrients , vitamins and antioxidants therefore have the power to maintain health and to energize us , maintain skin suppleness and vitality , we remineralizes body . Whether they are consumed as such or in the form of must and wine , the benefits remain the same . All persons should eat fresh grapes and derivatives thereof, but a special recommendation is for people who have a more intense intellectual activity and those suffering from chronic kidney disease . This is due to its rich content of lecithin , a substance that helps in rapid detoxification belt that has the ability to act as a diuretic , which makes it a good ally in the diets .
Medicinal properties of grapes do not stop there . Because tannins that are found in their composition , are some nutritious and energizing fruit , which helps to improve digestion and intestinal muscle relaxation . In addition, having the ability to neutralize the effects of tobacco can be consumed by smokers , nicotine addicts .

Besides protein, vegetable fats , minerals and flavones , grapes are rich in resveratrol , a substance that acts like an antioxidant miracle , thus slowing the oxidation process that underlies cellular aging. Research has shown that it is the only natural substance that has the ability to act on longevity gene , called ,, gene matusalemica ” . Its natural origin helps maintain healthy and youthful body . Resveratrol is also a good immune system stimulant , anti-inflammatory , neuroprotective and cardioprotective .