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Pitaya is the fruit of the cactus Hylocereus sp. Cactacee of family , originally from Mexico. This plant can be found in Central and South America and South Asia ( Taiwan , Vietnam, Philippines , Malaysia ) .

The plant boasts white flowers that bloom only at night , being pollinated by bats. Dragon fruit can weigh between 15-600 g, is yellow or red and green shell full of spikes , resembling those of the plant. The pulp ( middle ) shows a white , pink or red , has a creamy consistency , a delicate flavor ( sandalwood ) , is full of small seeds , black , which can be eaten with the core ( taste of peanuts and are high in fat, but are harder to digest ) .

The plant crops can give 5-6 cycles per year. Sweet and savory taste gives the possibility to be added as an ingredient in juice and wine . Pitaya fruit can be consumed as such , in the raw state ( cooled , cut in half and scooped with a spoon ) , in fruit salads , as juice ( only ice ) or stewed . Flowers can consume as a tea .

The consumption of 150 g of fruit provides only 60 calories , so eating or interfere with diets . The chemical composition comprising 87.5 % water , carbohydrates , proteins, fats , fiber, vitamins A, B1 , B2 , B3, and C, folic acid , and minerals ( zinc, phosphorus, calcium , potassium , magnesium, sodium , selenium copper ) .

Medical Action . Fitoalbuminele with antioxidant and can block free radicals involved in the development of cancer cells. Dragon fruit grow existing eliminate toxins stored in the body and lowers blood pressure and cholesterol , lowers blood sugar in type 2 diabetics and attenuates chronic nature of pulmonary diseases . In Taiwan diabetics Pitaya in food, as a replacement for rice , and as a source of dietary fiber. In obesity, frequent consumption of these fruits can lead to balance metabolism and reducing excess weight .

Warning : seeds contained in fruit can cause stomach indigestion . In this case it will consume only fruit and juice . Also , the fruit of ” red dragon ” may color urine red ( faeces less) , giving the false impression of hematuria .