Green dill 10 leg / sheaf

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The dill is a very aromatic spice native of the Mediterranean region east of the Middle Ages used to ward off evil 
spirits . For Romanian is a symbol of vitality . The beneficial effects of dill were mentioned in the pharmacopoeia 
Egyptian 5000 years ago .
Rich in potassium , sodium and sulfur , dill is a good diuretic. Reduces anxiety and breakdown , insomnia , digestive disorders , reinforces nails. Contains essential oil between 2.5-4 % ( in dill leaves and young branches and 3-6% in 
seeds) calcium, potassium , iron, magnesium , vitamins A, B and C. Dill volatile oil contains between 40- 60 % carvone 
( a powerful antioxidant specifically dill , laurel, caraway ) , a substance with a strong anti - carcinogenic effect . The dill has  digestive PROPERTIES , antispasmodic , anti-inflammatory and diuretic . Formerly , it was used to 
relieve seizures , and during a banquet if someone had drunk too much in excess the dill calms . It appears PROPERTIES has aphrodisiac . Under infusion formats that stimulate the digestive system dill seeds stop hiccups , headache, 
cough, stimulate the lactation , helps eliminate intestinal gas , reduce the cramps and acts of intestinal antiseptic . Used in dental care , this plant cleans the teeth and gums thoroughly , succeeded in stopping proliferation of 
bacteria responsible for gum infections and cavities . He also recommended for people who have dental sensitivity, 
chewing leaves can relieve pain . A decoction of white wine as it adds dill leaves can be used for brushing teeth 
daily . For a fresh breath you can use a decoction of the seeds.


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