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Half a cup of cooked beans bring 120 calories and a lot of carbohidrtai complexes are degraded slowly by the body and provides sustained energy , controlling insulin secretion ( have low glycemic index ) and prevent unwanted deposits of fat. In other words sugars in beans do not grow suddenly blood sugar as do other carbohydrate-rich foods (eg fruits ) which provides a short-term energy and are beneficial to breakfast.
One cup of cooked beans take 16 grams of protein in the diet , the daily need of an adult is generally 50-60 g . Beans contain all essential amino acids but not so combining them with other legumes or cereals with rice for example , complete protein intake .
Beans are a good source of B vitamins including folic acid and minerals : iron, potassium , selenium , magnesium and some calcium .
It is also a rich source of insoluble fiber from the body and helps prevent constipation . Resistant starch got attacked by bacteria in the colon thus producing a short chain fatty acid known for its effects to prevent cancer
It also contains soluble fiber that helps lower blood fat
Beans brings little fat and no cholesterol ago
Beans and lentils as antioxidants – flavonoizi- role in preventing breast cancer


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