ASPARAGUS violet / 5 KG / BOX

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Aphrodisiac and curative

The asparagus was cultivated since ancient sandy lands of Egypt and the Mediterranean Basin and was well known for its aphrodisiac properties and curative 

It is recommended by doctors today because:

– Contains folic acid , useful against fatigue or if heart disease and diseases of children’s birth .

– Prevents arteriosclerosis and streamline blood .

– Contains phosphorus and vitamin B , which endows it with remineralizing and stimulating properties .

– Contains vitamins A, C , iron and fiber, which play an important role in the fight against cancer.

– Holds significant amounts of potassium, which can improve blood circulation , and due to a substance called rutin strengthens capillary walls .

– Does not contain cholesterol.

– Decrease the glucose in urine and increases diuresis (this is why eating asparagus is recommended for diabetics ) .

– Asparagus stems can eliminate ingested foreign bodies in the digestive tract .

– Used in the treatment of periodontosis ( asparagus root boiled in vinegar) .


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