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Asparagus is the crop , native to North America, but acclimatized successfully in Europe . In Romania it is grown in greenhouses.
The plant is in the ground a powerful rhizome , the leaves are reduced to scales, and which pose as leaves are actually linear ramifications of the stem . The flowers are small , greenish albe- willing to subsuara branches . red berry fruits . Among the chemical composition include: protein , asparagine , lipids, carbohydrates , phyto -hormones , enzymes, steroidal glycosides , cellulose, mineral salts.
The main qualities of Asparagus are depurative , diuretic, drain liver , biliary , lung, bronchial secretions fluidifica , increases the amount of urine , stimulates digestion , aphrodisiac , eases bowel movements, strengthens the immune system in cancer adjuvant . In phytotherapy is used aerial part and must be harvested from mid-May to mid -June.